DEMAN (Diesel Engineering & Manufacturing)

Deman and Onn team-up to repower the FV Pinta with a 360Hp Doosan L126TIH When Stuart Atkin’s Fiat 8210SRM finally blew up after years of service he decided on Deman and Marcus Onn Marine to repower the Pinta with a new Doosan L126TIH keel-cooled engine & TwinDisc marine transmission.

The Fiat was removed along with all its tired running gear. The propeller, shaft and rudder removed for some repairs and refitted with a Tides Marine dripless seal system.

Stuart and crew cleaned up the engine room and refreshed it with a new coat of white. The engine beds were reworked to take the new power train. An acid pickle of the keel cooling pipes and new stainless steel pipework for the engine room. A new 5″ exhaust system with super quiet Cowl Muffler, Optiair Air Cleaner, Provent 400 crankcase vent & a new stainless steel fuel distribution system with Racor filters to feed the main and 2 auxiliary engines crafted.

The mechanical engine driven bilge pump system was overhauled with a new heavy duty electro clutch, new stainless pipework and a safety machinery guard fitted in front of now available walking space in front of the engine courtesy of the live drive hydraulics being fitted to the MG5091 transmission.

A gear-driven steering pump was fitted to the engine gearcase. A new gearbox cooler, pipe work and Arctic Steel sea-strainer to provide water for the intercooler pump. Less than 6 weeks from blowup back to fishing, including the wait for a gearbox from Belgium, Stuart is wrapped